domingo, 8 de abril de 2012

I write because I have to. Kafka the Musical. BBC broadcast

Obsession, perfection

 Kafka calls Dora, Dora, my love, my life, where are you Dora?, take me out of here, take me away.

Kafka! Open the door, Kafka!

Who are you?
I’m your father, you lazy thing!
Get up and go to the theatre. Get a proper job. Play your part. Do as you’re told and stand up for yourself. Think of your poor mother.  You’re forty years old, do you know where I was at your age?

My sweet Dora, let’s go to Palestine.

Try and enjoy the show tonight, Mr. Kafka.

Consumption is very difficult to treat. It devours everything. It consumes from inside.

-          Only truth makes me happy, but truth is slippery and shy, disdainful of our efforts to catch it.
-          Truth is a savage beast.
-          Truth is in the eye of the victorious.

(two men come in the night, one for your body and one for your soul)

I got myself tangled in this wretched show, what a nightmare…

-          What’s more important, the show or your life?
-          The show, Milena, always the show.

yes, come in

(Afterthought post listening the BBC broadcast of Kafka the Musical by Murray Gold. Starring David Tennant as Kafka. One day, Franz Kafka finds he has been cast to play himself in a musical about his own life ).

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